Should you hire a professional removalist for your upcoming home or office move? Well, we think so and whilst we may be biased since it is our profession, here’s why you should hire a professional removalist rather than attempt to move yourself:

  1.    We are the experts

This is what we do 7 days a week, almost every day of the year. We have moved hundreds of families into their new homes both locally and interstate. We have packed and carefully bubble wrapped thousands of items and packed them into boxes and tubs. We know the right way to organise and pack your possessions so that you can find them easily once we have moved your belongings to your new home or office. We also know how to pack your breakables in such a way as to ensure they arrive in one piece at their destination. Our removals team have carried thousands of lounges, refrigerators and other large items of furniture and we have years of experience in manoeuvring large items out of tricky small rooms and doorways – a situation that can see damage done to both furniture and walls, if not done correctly!

Family with cardboard boxes moving into new house

  1.    Organised

With over 10 years of experience in the removals industry, we have developed processes that allow us to move your domestic or office in an organised and efficient way. Physically packing items into boxes and carrying them onto the truck is the easy part. It’s the overall organisation of the move, the handy checklists we have devised, the methodical way in which we pack your items and load them on and off our removals truck that make the difference. Many families and businesses have carried out a DIY move at some point. It can certainly be done, but it will be far more stressful than hiring a professional removals company like Crusader Removals because the average Joe does not have the experience in organising and orchestrating a move that a professional removals company does.

  1.    Stress free

Stress is inevitably going to be present in any house move (whether it’s down the road or into a boutique custom built house) but particularly so if you are attempting to move yourself. There is so much involved in moving house (or office) that extends beyond the physical packing of boxes and loading and unloading a truck. There is the cleaning and sorting prior to packing, the legalities and paperwork involved in buying or renting a new premises and the arm-twisting involved in roping friends and relatives into helping you cart your belongings over multiple car and trailer trips. Oh and then there’s the unpacking and not being able to find anything you need due to your inexperienced packing efforts. We won’t even mention the breakages..sofa lift

Hiring a professional removal company like Crusader Removals eliminates that entire headache! Our team will arrive at your designated time to carefully and efficiently pack your belongings into the boxes and tub we provide. Our team of removalists will then expertly load your furniture and belongings onto our modern removals truck and will unload them carefully at your new premises. Requiring absolutely nothing from you! Sit back and enjoy a wine or beer while we do the hard work for you. Sound stressful? I think not..

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