Whether you are moving to a bigger office in Perth or downsizing these office relocation tips will be important for you.

Timeline the whole office move

The importance of planning can’t be emphasised enough. Mapping out a timeline over the life of the move will be an invaluable guide. Make sure enough time is allocated for each part of the office relocation process. Packing will take up most of the time and depending on the size of your business, this should be done up to a month in advance.

This timeline will be useful for highlighting what everyone is responsible for and what the deadlines are. Giving everyone enough notice to plan their week around the time of the move – this means a few days of buffer time before and after the move where there are no client meetings or major deadlines. Giving co-workers ample time to settle in and be organized is the best way to ensure a smooth move.

For example: Say we had a content marketing client that had just bought brand new office furniture for their Perth location. This would mean moving out the existing furniture and leaving the office for a period of time. A timeline ensures that all of their clients are kept updated and that the move goes ultra smoothly.

Budget for unexpected expenses

Budgeting is another vital step in the removal process. When budgeting think about whether there will be an impact on business revenue and set aside money for unexpected expenses. During the move you may also consider things like catering to keep up morale by organizing social events.

Update all business assets with the new address

Before the move all clients, vendors, and the post office should be made aware of your new location. Additionally, business assets such as business cards, invoices, and the website should be updated with the new information. This will minimize the disruption to business during the office removal.

Take inventory of what needs to be moved

Part of the office relocation process should involve taking inventory of everything that needs to be moved. This is also the perfect opportunity to reduce any clutter, shred any unnecessary documents or move things to storage. At Crusader Removals, we offer secure long-term and short-term options.

Order new equipment in advance

If you are planning on upgrading any equipment or buying new furniture for the new office, make sure these arrangements are made well in advance. Depending on the size of the new items it may be worth considering coordinating with the suppliers to have the items delivered directly to the new office.

Empty office file cabinets

During the packing process file cabinets should be emptied out to prevent the cabinet from distorting from the weight of the files during the move. The drawers and doors of the office furniture should be taped shut to make moving more convenient. If you need help with packing correctly or need packing materials consult a professional removals company in Perth.

Create a numbered floor plan and assign items with their respective numbers

A floor plan is a great way to visualise where all the items will go after the move. To make identifications even easier assign numbers or colour-code. For example, assign numbers for each desk and label packing boxes with their respective numbers. This will make the packing, labelling and unpacking process a breeze. Your co-workers and the removalists will thank you for it.

Consider professional help

Looking for professional help on your next office move means you don’t have to think about any potential downtime.

Relocating your office can seem like an immense task, but with these tips and the help of experienced removalists you can look forward to an effortless move.


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