Moving a commercial operation in Perth can be a daunting task.

It is not just about packing up a few things and relocating them across the city. Instead, commercial moves require professionals, adequate preparation, and most importantly, a budget to make it all work. In this article, we will provide Commercial Lease Managers and Office Facility Managers in Perth with all the information they need to know about office relocation costs in 2023. The team at Crusader Removals will walk you through the different aspects that influence the prices to tips on how to mitigate spending. This article will offer valuable insights.

Perth Office Relocation Price Factors

Office relocation prices vary based on several factors. The complexity of the job, size of the company, and distance of the move are all variables that influence the cost. On average, a small office relocation in Perth starts from $2,000 and can go beyond $50,000. Larger scale and more complex projects may involve the disassembly and reassembly of desks and IT equipment, storage of assets or commercial “make-good” and cleaning requirements as part of the move.

Mode of Transport for your Office Move

In Perth, the mode of transportation may affect pricing – especially if you are relocating equipment or assets from overseas or interstate. If you’re opting for sea, then the costs will be higher as opposed to road or rail transport. It is important to note, however, that pricing is also affected by seasonal demands and client volume.

For example, in 2023 Perth is facing a labor shortage driven by the growth in the mining and building sectors. The team at Crusader Removals have been around for 10 years, and have a steady team to complete the works.

Does Your Perth Commercial Move Involve Equipment?

Another issue to consider is the amount of equipment that needs to be moved. If a company has bulky machinery, or printers and large storage shelving units, then the move becomes more complex. This would require specific equipment, which would incur additional fees. Furthermore, transportation of high-rise buildings is more expensive due to needing specific equipment such as cranes. Therefore, the more complex the job is, the higher the price.

How to Streamline Your Perth Office Relocation

To streamline the moving process and manage costs, commercial lease managers, project managers, and office facility managers can consider working with office relocation experts, like the team at Crusader Removals.

Our Perth Based removals team offers professional services and has the expertise and equipment to ensure a smooth transition. They handle all logistical aspects of the move leaving the business owners to focus on operations. Most relocation services offer a flat fee, which is in line with the scope of works, or request for quote document provided by the client.

Using professionals to handle your Perth office relocation mitigates potential liability risks which could result from staff injuries if they were to be involved during the process.

Perth Office Move Preparation Tips To Save Money

In preparation for the move, commercial lease managers should consider decluttering the office space. Moving unnecessary items would mean transporting items that are no longer functional, resulting in higher costs. Sorting through old items and getting rid of clutter would speed up the process and reduce cost extensively. It is also advisable to inform the relocation service company on the essential items to prioritize. If you want to read more on how to plan and prepare for your Perth office move, check out this article here

Office Relocation Perth Prices 2023 – Final Word

To sum up, office relocation Perth prices 2023 are bound to be affected by a host of variables such as the complexity of the job, equipment size, and demand. To mitigate costs, your project manager taking the lead on the office move would do well to work with professional relocation services, declutter the office space, and plan ahead. Working through these parameters will ensure a hassle-free move and a perfect start in the new location.

To fully cost your Perth Office Relocation for 2023, why not contact the team at Crusader Removals

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