There is no other way to put it, moving to a new house is a very stressful time in life. This becomes a much bigger ordeal when kids are added to the mix. Having to divide your attention between the task at hand and the attention the little ones need is a challenge for any parent.

Not only is moving house stressful for the parents, but the kids are often confused and disorientated by the whole experience. What needs to be understood is that children, unlike adults, can’t see the long-term benefits involved with moving to a new home. They don’t have the same understanding, and only see the move as a disruption to their lives that has no reasoning. The important thing to remember is this isn’t a task that needs to be done alone. With the help of experienced removalists in Perth, the move can be much easier.

These are the essentials to remember when moving to a new house with your kids.

Sit down with the kids beforehand

Take the time to sit down as a family before the house removal begins and let the kids know exactly what’s happening. Talk them through the plan and how it’s going to work out. If there’s time, it’s even a good idea to ease them into the process by slowly packing one or two boxes each day. Let them help you with the process and explain as you go along. This allows the children plenty of time to adjust, ask questions and learn what to expect.

Ensure The Move Is Positive For The Kids

A huge part of the stress for children comes from not knowing what’s going on. Explain to them why the move is happening and give them all the positives of the move. It’s important to let them know the move is a good thing, and reassure them they will still be in contact with close family and friends. Keep presenting the move in a positive light, reiterating the chance for new opportunities and exploring new surroundings. Turn the seemingly negative process into a positive one.

Stay Optimistic

Although this is a stressful time, it’s important to keep a positive attitude, especially in front of the kids. If the move is taking its toll, don’t try to take everything on yourself, enlist the help of a professional removal company. Keeping a brave face, and staying optimistic will not only reduce stress levels but also lower the chance of kids becoming anxious. This can be a tricky thing to do when so much is happening all at once, but it’ll help keep the children relaxed and the adults stress-free.

Make House Removals Fun

A great way to keep the kids distracted during the big day, is to get them involved. Let the kids help with the packing, give them specific tasks to accomplish and allow them to be a part of the process. Make the move fun by letting them have their own box to fill with their favourite toys or games. Spend time with them personalising the box, or call it a ‘special box’ to make them feel involved. This is a brilliant way to keep their minds off the process and make them feel included, instead of just an observer.

Let The Removal Company Do The Work

A professional removal company with a house removal service is the best way to deal with a stressful move. The important thing to remember is that moving house with kids is not something that needs to be done alone. With the help of a qualified house removals company the move will become ten times easier. Let Crusader Removals do the work whilst you enjoy time entertaining the young ones. A quality removalist in Perth will make the job far easier.


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