Moving to a new home can be both exciting and expensive. Whether you’re downsizing or expanding, the cost of hiring a removalist is important to consider. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how much it costs to hire a removalist for an interstate move in 2023.

We will take into account factors such as inflation and the current economy. For tips on ways to save, you are invited to speak to our professional team for a free quote.

Hiring a Removalist? What is the average cost?

The average cost of hiring a removalist in Australia depends on the following factors:

  • the size of your move,
  • distance traveled
  • the services provided (packing materials, storage, etc.), and
  • the current economy.

With the current economic climate being uncertain due to concerns about inflation,consider all these factors when planning your move. Moving sooner, rather than later. maybe a good decision, especially if you are looking at downsizing.

Interstate Removalists Charge Rates

When searching for an interstate removalist service in Australia, keep an eye out for companies that charge per cubic meter or per kilometer.

This type of pricing structure ensures that you only pay for exactly what you need and nothing more. It also means that if you are able to downsize your belongings before moving – by donating items or selling them online – then you could potentially save some money on your move overall.  Another way you can save money is by packing yourself instead of opting for professional packing services; however, this may require additional time and effort on your end which should be taken into consideration when budgeting for your move. 

Do Interstate Removalists Charge More at Peak Times?

Some removals companies may charge extra fees or surcharges during peak times such as long weekends or public holidays. It is best practice to compare quotes from more than one company. Ask questions about any potential additional fees before committing to one company over another.  When you compare also consider the quality of the company.

Does The Reputation of An Interstate Removalist Matter?

You should also consider their longevity in removals, reputation, and whether they are an AFRA member (Australian Furniture Removalists Association). Crusader Removals is an AFRA member. AFRA members are subject to strict audits and provide that extra level of confidence. When you are looking for a reputable removalist, deal with someone who ticks all the right boxes – pardon the pun!

What Should You Expect in 2023 for Moving Home?

In conclusion, the cost of hiring a removalist service varies widely depending on numerous factors such as size of move, distance travelled and services provided. Removal companies do need to factor in economic changes, such as price of diesel or petrol, labour, and inflation, so ask the friendly team for tips on how to reduce the cubic meters of the move.

If you would like help with your upcoming interstate move for example from Melbourne-Perth, please contact Crusader Removals today for a free quote!

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