As a commercial lease manager, moving out of a retail or commercial space can be a complex and daunting task. Before you vacate the premises, ensure that you have ticked all the boxes on our ultimate end-of-retail and commercial lease checklist. This guide has been prepared by the team at Crusader Removals to help you navigate through the process, from preparing the space for handover to finalizing paperwork with your landlord.

Perth Commercial Removals and Relocations are a specialty for the team at Crusader Removals, as they understand that a commercial move can involve more than just moving a desk, fixtures, and fittings. It’s why the team can provide end-to-end services to help you make good on your commercial or retail lease.

Let’s look at what’s involved.

Cleaning and Maintenance of your Perth Business

Before returning the keys to the landlord, all pre-existing fixtures and fittings need to be in good condition. This includes repairing any damages, rubbish removal, cleaning carpets, polishing floors, and potentially returning paint to its original condition. The team at Crusader Removals can organize these services as part of your request for quotation.

Making Good on your Perth Commercial or Retail Space

Making good is a term to describe the process of returning the space to its original condition before the tenancy. This includes removing any non-standard fixtures that were installed during the lease, such as partitions or shelving. wall. It also involves ensuring any wiring or cabling that was installed is removed safely, and walls are restored and painted.

Dispose of Commercial Assets & Fixtures No Longer Required

Part of ending your commercial or retail lease may require you to dispose of commercial assets you no longer require. This may include old furniture, fixtures or paneling that needs to be removed from the premises. Crusader Removals can assist with these requirements and have worked on providing these services for Perth clients for many years.

Organise Relocation or Storage of your Perth Commercial Assets

Be sure to have a list of any assets you are placing into storage, or relocating to your new premises. The team at Crusader Removals provides storage services for our commercial clients. They can also reassemble assets for you in your new commercial premises.

Speak to one of our Perth-based representatives to organise a thorough walk-through as part of your RFQ process.

Restoring Services

Disconnect utilities such as electricity, gas, and water, and settle final bills settled before you vacate the premises. Check all fixtures are securely attached before leaving. Your Perth removals team will need power if any cleaning, disposal, or make-good works are being performed. This helps to end your commercial or retail lease in Perth with ease.

Notification to Authorities

Settle any outstanding rates and notify local authorities that your commercial tenancy has ended. Local authorities may include such your council, fire brigade, and waste collection authorities. Make sure all licenses, permits, and certifications are up to date, as these may need to be transferred to new premises.

Be aware of any time limits or access limits that local authorities have around any demolition, removal, or construction work. You can read more about that in our tips on planning your Perth office move here

Key Handover

After your commercial removal and make good team have completed their works, it’s time to hand back the keys. Ensure all keys are returned, including any duplicates you have made. Ensure any site access codes are deleted.

Final Inspection of your Perth Commercial Space

Schedule a final inspection with your commercial removals team, then your landlord. Complete a walkthrough of the premises. This ensures all repairs, cleaning, and maintenance have been completed to your satisfaction. This should be in line with your agreed schedule of work. The landlord may take pictures or document the condition of the space for future reference.

Finalise Commercial Paperwork

Perth commercial and retail lease vacations need all necessary paperwork to be completed. This includes final rental payments, return of your deposit, final inspection report, and any other necessary documentation (e.g. cleaning and removal receipts).


Moving out of a commercial or retail space can be a complex and stressful experience. Following this end-of-retail and commercial lease checklist can make your removal process easier and less overwhelming.

Remember the team at Crusader Removals has expertise in commercial and retail removals and relocations in Perth and interstate. Reach out to the team to ensure a smooth handover and transition out of your current Perth commercial tenancy.

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