Are you thinking of moving house? Maybe you’re going to demolish your Perth home and start again? Doing it all by yourself or hiring the help of a removal company?

Moving house can be a stressful occasion, but it really shouldn’t be!

You may think you’re saving some money moving on your own, but without professional experience you might find yourself stressed-out with repair or injury costs. Hiring a removalist is a stress-free, cost-effective, and safer option.

With more than 15 years of experience in Perth, Crusader Removals offer a range of house removal options to suit your needs and budget. These services can help you through any stage of moving house from packing and moving to unpacking in your new home.

DIY packing vs Professional Packing

If you are moving on your own you might be struggling to find the right packaging material or figuring out the best way to fit everything in without damaging anything. It may also be difficult to estimate how much packaging material you will need.

Professional removalists can guarantee your items stay in one piece and scratch-free as we have experience in the right packaging materials and methods. This means you don’t have to worry about items being damaged during the move. Crusader Removals can supply you with the right packaging materials and provide a partial packaging service if you would prefer to do some of your own packing.

As an area of our expertise, packing can be done quickly by trained removalists. This means you can continue using everything until the team arrive, rather than living amongst piles of boxes for weeks before the move date.

Heavy-lifting: Safety first

Moving house involves plenty of heavy-lifting, which can be extremely dangerous if not done correctly. The last thing you would want to do is end up with a serious injury! Removal companies have the right equipment and training to ensure items are handled safely. This not only ensures nobody gets injured, but items aren’t dropped and walls aren’t scratched.

Efficient Transportation

With a removals company, you can move into your own home quickly, rather than the tedious, time consuming multiple trips you would take moving on your own. Crusader Removals have a variety of different-sized removal trucks at your ready to move everything all in one trip.

Expert Advice

Rather than struggling on your own, expert removalists can advise you on any stage of the move. Crusader Removals has been providing the Perth metropolitan and regional areas with removal services for more than a decade.


Having a removal company take care of the move means you can free up time to focus on how you want to set up your new home, spend time with your family or continue with your busy life! Let Crusader Removals do what they do best.

Start the move to your new home on a positive note without the stress and contact Crusader Removals now!

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